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About Me

My Story

Around four years ago, I embarked on a journey with a clear vision: to redefine virtual marketing support for businesses navigating the complexities of the digital world. Born out of a passion for helping those without in-house marketing prowess, I leveraged my extensive experience from supporting local and national government campaigns, to the dynamic sectors of training, hospitality, and football league. My diverse background has not only enriched my understanding of various industries but has also fuelled my drive to innovate and embrace change.

Gemma Walton Marketing has become synonymous with digital and marketing excellence, a testament to my ongoing pursuit of knowledge and mastery of new skills. My ethos is grounded in the belief that I am not just a consultant; I am an extension of your team, dedicated to your growth and success. My approach is simple yet effective, breaking down complex digital marketing strategies into understandable and actionable steps.

My clients, ranging from business support and consultancy companies to renewable energy providers and sports product innovators, have benefited from my unique blend of authenticity, client-centricity, and a commitment to driving change.


I celebrate the courage of businesses ready to embrace AI and other advancements, guiding them through the digital landscape with my expertise.

As I continue on this journey, my mission remains unwavering: to deliver not just services, but solutions that embody digital excellence.


With every project, I’m reaffirming my dedication to innovation, lifelong learning, and genuine partnerships, paving the way for my clients' success in an ever-evolving digital world.

My Vision

At Gemma Walton Marketing, my mission is to empower small to medium-sized businesses by providing exceptional digital marketing support, enabling them to thrive in the digital space. I am dedicated to lifelong learning, ensuring my strategies are at the forefront of innovation.

By working as an integral extension of your team, I aim to demystify digital marketing with clarity and simplicity, delivering digital excellence that drives growth, embraces change, and fosters innovation.

My commitment is to be your authentic partner in navigating the digital landscape, making your business goals my mission.

To learn more about what my clients have to say about me, head to my Happy Clients page.

Top Class Support
Life Long Learning
Team Integration
Client Centricity
Simplicity & Clarity
Innovation & Change
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Gemma Walton Wearing Glasses And Smiling Standing In Front Of Door

To learn more about me including my job and work history including qualifications click the button to visit my LinkedIn  Profile.

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