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AI Diploma

BCS Accredited Online Course

AI Diploma

Unlock endless career potential and turbocharge your earnings with this cutting-edge AI Diploma online course. Master AI effortlessly through bite-sized lessons, positioning yourself for lucrative opportunities or help to build and upskill internal teams to future proof your business.

Who Is It For: 

- Visionaries and professionals aiming to spearhead AI integration, especially in domains like science, engineering, finance, and IT services. 

- Seasoned managers orchestrating AI-driven projects, craving contextual AI insights for industrial supremacy. 

Embark on a transformative journey by conquering 8 concise, high-impact modules, each crowned with an industry-recognized certificate. 

Your triumph in all 8 awards leads to an esteemed diploma, cementing your expertise. 

Unleash Your Inner AI Excellence With: 

- 12 months of limitless access for uninterrupted growth. 

- Expert mentorship and vibrant community engagement. 

- Comprehensive course materials to fuel your brilliance. 

- Seamless inclusion of exam costs, relieving financial burdens. 

- Coveted BCS Professional Certification, a badge of mastery. 

- 1-year BCS Membership with unparalleled career elevation. 

Seize the AI advantage! Enrol now and unleash your career potential!


BCS Globally Recognised Certificate


Content Aligned to SIFIAPlus IT Framework

Study Time:

3 Options


Tutor Support available


12 Months BCS 



*Online course delivered by Duco Digital Training, the UK's leading online provider of BCS Accredited Courses

Price: £2,700

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