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Business Analysis Bundle

BCS Accredited Online Course

Business Analysis Bundle

Ignite your business analysis career journey with this transformative online course bundle that includes the Foundation & Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis, propelling you toward uncharted heights of success and prosperity. Unleash the power to identify and seize business enhancement opportunities that fuel triumphant transformations. You'll have 12 months to complete both online training courses. Dive into a treasure trove of strategic analysis and performance management techniques, armed to steer successful business metamorphosis.

Who Is It For: 

- Business analysts primed to be industry game-changers. 

- Visionary business managers & their squads, ready to pioneer innovation. 

- Business change maestros set to orchestrate seamless transitions. 

- Project managers eager to harness the full force of transformative change. 

For The Foundation Award You'll Learn How To: 

- Understand the essence of Business Analysis, laying the cornerstone for mastery. 

- Understand the critical competencies of a Business Analyst, sculpting a path to excellence.

- Create a strategic blueprint that harnesses Business Analysis' transformative might. 

- Create an intricate Business Analysis service framework, a roadmap to success & the art of investigating the Business Situation. 

For The Practitioner Certificate You'll Learn How To: 

- Delve into the strategic realm of Business Analysis, unveiling boundless opportunities. 

- Master stakeholder analysis & management, wielding the power of influence. 

- Decipher the current state to shape a future of triumphant change. 

- Craft the target state with precision & visionary finesse & to design & define solutions that ignite revolutionary success. 

Elevate Your Learning Experience With: 

- 12 months of uninterrupted access to complete both courses, fuelling continuous growth. 

- Expert guidance and vibrant community engagement. 

- Comprehensive course materials, igniting brilliance. 

- Seamlessly covered exam costs, eliminating financial barriers. 

- Coveted BCS Professional Certification, a badge of mastery. 

- 1-year BCS Membership, propelling your career towards unprecedented heights. 

Seize this chance to rewrite your career narrative, amplifying your skillset and market value. 

Enrol now to pioneer strategic brilliance and unlock a future brimming with limitless potential and prosperity.


BCS Globally Recognised Certificate


Content Aligned to SIFIAPlus IT Framework

Study Time:

1 year to complete


Tutor Support available

*Online course delivered by Duco Digital Training, the UK's leading online provider of BCS Accredited Courses

Price: £1,395

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