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Foundation Award In Data Visualisation

BCS Accredited Online Course

Foundation Award In Data Visualisation

Embark on a transformative journey to data mastery with this dynamic Foundation Award In Data Visualisation online course. An opportunity to propel your career to staggering heights of success and financial reward. Dive deep into the core of data-driven business decisions, unravelling the art of analysis and presentation. Equip yourself with the skills to wield data storage, formatting techniques, and cutting-edge tools like VR/AR, Tableau, Power BI, R, and GDPR compliance.

Who Is It For: 

- Visionary business and digital experts ready to master the art of data-driven decision-making. 

- Aspiring analytical and research dynamos poised to redefine industries. 

- Professionals determined to revolutionise data management in their roles. 

You'll Learn How To: 

- Unleash the power of data to shape critical business decisions, as you become a master of analysis & presentation. 

- Tame data storage & formatting, fuelling your arsenal with precision. 

- Command VR/AR, Tableau, Power BI, R & GDPR compliance, shaping your data landscape. 

- Realise the bedrock of every pivotal business decision: clear, accurate data & decode AI's magic in presenting data. 

Elevate Your Journey With: 

- 12 months of boundless access, nurturing relentless growth. 

- Expert mentorship and vibrant community engagement. 

- Comprehensive course materials, sparking brilliance. 

- Seamlessly integrated exam, breaking financial barriers. 

Claim your destiny and reshape the future of business decisions. 

Enrol now to pioneer excellence, seize unparalleled career prospects, and craft a narrative of success that unfolds through data-driven mastery.


Duco Digital Training Certificate with option to upgrade to BCS Globally Recognised Certificate


Content Aligned to SIFIAPlus IT Framework

Study Time:

40 hours


Tutor Support available

Subscription Available:

Yes £39 per month

*Online course delivered by Duco Digital Training, the UK's leading online provider of BCS Accredited Courses

Price: £349

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