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How Do You Become A Business Analyst?

Updated: Apr 24

Ever wondered what it would be like to create apps or defend companies from cyber-attacks?

Are you interested in how to become a Business Analyst and what it's like to do an apprenticeship, or to go to university?

Female Business Analyst At Desk On Phone In Front Of Laptop Looking At Sheets Of Data

These BCS career inspiration sessions consist of video link-ups with people working in, and learning about, different areas of technology. You'll get a chance to hear from them about what they do in their job, the most exciting parts of what they do, as well as how they got into technology.

This is a rare chance to find out about different future paths that are available in tech from the people who are directly involved.

In this session Olivia Wolfheart, BCS membership engagement manager speaks with Kate Wigfield who works in Business Analysis. Find out what is involved in business analysis, what skills are most valuable, and what Kate enjoys most about her job.

  • Develop your skills to support successful business change programmes.

  • Gain an internationally recognised certification that will enable you to take your skills around the world.

  • Map your skills and identify your goals along your career path by following the SFIAplus industry-standard framework.

  • Become an Associate Member for free on gaining certification and enjoy all the benefits of BCS membership.

  • Taking a business analysis certificate can help align you with industry standards CITP, RITTech and SFIAplus, giving you recognition for your experience and expertise.

  • Increase your value to your business and stretch your career potential by taking a BCS qualification.

  • Feel empowered, self-fulfilled and accomplished by taking a qualification to motivate you in your career, now and in the future.

  • Successful candidates will receive a digital certificate at the end of their studies.

  • BA certificates from BCS allow a candidate to follow a learning pathway towards becoming a BA professional.

Are you thinking about a new career where you need to know about Business Analysis? Or do you want to upskill your current team or employees?

Check out these BCS Accredited Online Courses Learning now. You can sign up online for immediate access.

Don’t delay get started on your learning journey today!

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Are you looking to upskill and learn more about AI, Business Analysis, Data Protection? Check out these Online Courses now.

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