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Nudl Funding Case Study - Key Wellbeing

Updated: May 28, 2022

Nudl Grant Funding Case Study How They Helped Key Wellbeing

Who they are:

Key Wellbeing is a workforce wellbeing company based in Middlesbrough town centre. Owned by Marie Ranson and Melissa Armstrong, it helps businesses to really take care of their staff – mentally, emotionally and physically.

What they needed:

Marie and Melissa approached Nudl to help them access funding for marketing support to help develop skills and strategies to market the company globally and grow their client base.

What Nudl did:

They secured nearly £10,000 funding from the TVCA growth fund application.

What was it spent on:

The main goal for Key Wellbeing in the wake of the pandemic is to support businesses in the North East. The funding for a marketing team will help them achieve that by reaching more people with their employee wellbeing services.

The funding will also allow the firm to take on at least one additional staff member in the next six months, with more on the cards as the business continues to grow.

What they say about Nudl:

“Applying for funding can be complicated, but Shak and Zara made the whole process really simple from start to finish."

“We’d absolutely recommend them to other people, as they are solving a real problem for business owners when it comes to accessing funding."

“We are looking forward to being able to support more local businesses with their employee wellbeing needs with the help of Nudl.”

To learn more about the types of Marketing Projects you could access funding for to help grow your business head to my Funding for Your Business Page and then fill in the short form. I'll then arrange a call with you to discuss your enquiry in more detail before passing your Application over to Team NUDL.


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