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How Do You Make A Video Go Viral?

Updated: Apr 25

If you're wondering how to make a YouTube or social media video go viral, there are many tips and tricks you can use before, during, and after your video is posted. While you can't expect your videos to go viral, you can incorporate some elements of viral content into the videos you create.

When your video goes viral, you also need to interact with different media in order to get more people to see your content. You want to post your video when most people are online to increase their chances of going viral and getting a lot of views. This means that whether your initial download page is a website or a social media account, if your video goes viral, your video will appear on many platforms.

Female Influencer In Front Of Light Ring And Phone Recording A Video

A viral video that quickly went viral and was shared multiple times on social media, reaching people who normally don't see your content. Considering that 68% of consumers spend a quarter or more of their time watching video on social media, it's no surprise that content is regularly distributed across all platforms. Whether people share viral videos privately or publicly on their profiles, videos often reach large audiences through Instagram and Facebook. Videos can be spread across a variety of platforms, from Facebook to YouTube, TikTok and more.

There are a few ways to increase your video's reach, from optimizing titles and descriptions to using hashtags and creating promotional programs. To really create content that goes viral with your target audience and beyond, you need to know what will resonate with them and actually get them to share your video.

One thing you should do if you're just creating videos for YouTube, or if you're a brand that wants their video to go viral, is to find your target audience. If you want to create a video that goes viral, the goal should be to build brand awareness rather than trying to jump straight into a sale. It's one thing to have great video content that you want to sell in order to reach as many people as possible, and quite another to create the content itself with the goal of going viral.

It can be said that with new platforms like TikTok and features like YouTube Shorts, creating viral content is possible with several strategies. Creating viral content on YouTube is not as difficult as it sounds, but it does require dedication and authenticity. All the hard work you put into creating your content, in this case your video, can go down the drain if you don't take a few steps to get your video noticed.

You must have noticed that only one video goes viral, and more and more people are following the trend, so creating something unique is the first step to getting there. One way to go viral to surprise you with your videos is to connect with similar brands that already have a large following and let them know about your videos. Then, I recommend seeking the help of influencers who can really promote your video to a wider audience.

Use hashtags, post at the best time, pay for pre-roll ads on YouTube, and get people's attention when your video launches. Decisive factors in video marketing are what keywords mean, recognising the most popular words related to your topic and using them in your video tags, title, and description is crucial for your video to go viral. If you want viewers to stay until the end of your video and share it with others, you need to make sure that your content is enjoyable throughout the video.

Female Beauty Influencer Sat In Front Of Ring Light And Phone Making A Beauty Video

A lot of sharing and viewing will determine the viral status of such videos on the internet. After all, viral videos are often funny, entertaining, or inspiring that you want to share with your friends. Everyone agrees that your video is considered viral if it gets 500,000 views; an average of 1 million views makes it viral. These same audiences are more likely to share interesting content, so it's important to try and get a positive twist if you want your videos to go viral.

It's not boring and simple videos that go viral, it's videos that bring new and interesting content that go viral. Truly organic viral videos will be quirky and funny videos that may not even make much sense but will somehow resonate with the audience. For example, Coca-Cola has nearly 55 million followers on Facebook, so you can imagine that they are more likely to see their videos go viral. Some videos use shock tactics, others look for a light-hearted approach, but that's what makes them so great: they do things a little differently than the norm.

Tailor-made for social media sharing, Buzzfeeds Tasty videos are short, cute, informative, with mouth-watering dishes, and tend to go viral all the time. Their success is really paying off, with Buzzfeeds social video offerings now accounting for roughly half of Buzzfeeds' annual revenue. There are other reasons to post: the video must be great (and by that we mean really great), sad, controversial, or, in some cases, educational.

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