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How Do You Repurpose Content For Other Channels?

Updated: Apr 25

There are different formats for content reuse and different channels you can consider when reusing content. In this post, I'll take a look at the different ways you can reuse your video content, from TikTok to YouTube, along with tips for optimising it for each channel. I’ll also introduce you to 7 original ways to reuse your videos in different types of content.

From your blog to your podcasts and social media channels, here's how to reuse video in over 7 different content ways. From transforming blog content into engaging videos, to creating visuals for your social channels from your latest videos, there are plenty of ways to reuse content. Whether it's blog posts, infographics, social media articles or videos, there are many tools on social platforms that can be used to effectively repurpose content.

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By reusing blog posts in compelling videos, you can quickly offer subscribers the content format they like best. You can easily reuse your most effective video content as social media ads across multiple channels.

If a video message is only reaching a certain number of people, think about how to turn that content into a blog, profile, social media post, newsletter, etc. If you're looking for more organic traffic, you might consider converting popular blog posts into visual content to share on Facebook, Pinterest, or LinkedIn.

For example, you can publish a blog post as a YouTube video or integrate the content into an email series with links to the best content on your site. You could take a few sentences from your old blogs and use them to create a caption for a new (and relevant) social post.

Besides creating video content from a podcast episode or converting a podcast into a long blog post, another way to reuse podcasts in email marketing content is to create a podcast transcript. Or you can cut snippets from your video or audio content to give you an idea of ​​what the full versions look like.

You can update any type of content in a number of different ways: convert blog posts into video or audio stories, compile search results into case studies, or break down long content into social media articles. In some cases, reformatting existing content into more visual or auditory tools can make it more useful or interactive for your readers/viewers.

By reusing existing content, you can increase your reach, extend the life of old content, gain new uses for that content, and get value for your time. Instead of spending more and more time creating new content, your content reuse to meet your content requirements through better content delivery. Reusing content not only frees up the time and energy spent creating new ideas with the right strategy, but can also help streamline the content production process.

Not only does content reuse save you much-needed time, it also helps your brand stay consistent across channels and you can reach different audiences in different ways. By collecting information and presenting it visually, content can be shared with more people across platforms. When you create diverse content using an omnichannel approach, you can reach a wider audience than a single-channel audience. Also, your brand's audience may be different on each platform, from different social channels to your newsletter, tailoring your content for different platforms can help reach a wider audience.

You should not neglect relevance, new trends and, of course, take into account what kind of content your audience prefers to perceive. Keep an eye on current web trends so you know whether to rely on audio content, visual content, or other methods. One of the best ways to reuse existing content and make sure its high quality is to search the web and browse social feeds to find out what your target audience is looking for. Understanding how to best reuse your content will not only save you time, it will help you grow your social media reach and maintain a consistent presence for your brand.

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Finding creative ways to reformulate content will double your research and effort by increasing its reach. A good content strategy recognises the importance of repurposing and reusing content, inviting your audience to explore your work in new ways and creating a holistic brand experience across all channels. To get the most out of your content marketing, marketers know that integrating your content strategy with the goals of your existing marketing activities is a smart way to increase the impact of your channels and platforms. In addition, the algorithms prioritise video content, so sharing more high-quality video content will help you win the brand awareness jackpot.

When curating content, you should also target and engage with influencers (in social media posts) and use product affiliate links to maximise the reach and reach of your repurposed content. You can also encourage your customers to upload user-generated content by running contests where users must share their photos while using your product in order to win prizes for the users themselves. Online content comes in many forms (infographics, ebooks, videos, and blog posts are just a few examples), and each module appeals to a different type of audience and aligns with unique marketing goals.

This way, your content moves from being distributed to a niche audience to being widely distributed to a diverse audience. In the meantime, creating graphics and other visual elements can help you connect with those who have little or no time to read articles. While creating great content takes a lot of time and energy, you can save resources by posting repurposed content on various channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and You Tube.

By formatting your content for easy reworking means you can easily create alternate versions of existing snippets or completely new snippets from the originals.

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