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Why Is Marketing Automation Important For Small Businesses?

Updated: May 14

Marketing Automation goes beyond simply automating repetitive tasks in marketing departments - from optimising staff time to optimising the customers on which the sales team concentrates its efforts. A business can use any number of tools to grow its business, but integrating a marketing automation suite into the business sales process is one of the most needed options.

Man Sitting Behind Multi Coloured Cog Gears To Show How Marketing Automation Works

Marketing automation software will not only organise your contacts, it will also allow you to move them from potential customer to customer through the sales pipeline.

With marketing automation software, it is difficult for an entrepreneur to understand a lead and have a complete understanding of pipeline management. You can keep track of the websites a potential customer visits, the emails they open, the landing pages they convert and more. You can upload, store and manage detailed reports for your leads, which include information such as name, address, email address, customer type, phone number, purchase history and website.

Marketing automation (combined with your overall business strategy) allows you to drive better quality leads and complicate your campaigns as it allows you to send personalised messages to different segments of your audience based on their interests, behaviour, and even based on data from your CRM software. For example, automated emails can be personalised to keep content relevant to the recipients. Email marketing excels in being one of the oldest methods of building relationships between a business and a customer.

In one single drop, when you automate your marketing process, you get yourself time back, save money and increase lead management - efficiency - management - a cost of sale. While marketing automation can improve lead acquisition and lead to greater revenue, it cannot replace a customer centred marketing strategy. Effective marketing plans start with a deep understanding of the buyer's personality and the buyer's journey as they research and evaluate your products or services.

Marketing automation in its most basic form is a technology designed to help businesses manage the marketing process of feature-rich campaigns across multiple channels (e.g. email, social media, text messaging, web, phone etc.). An automation tool can have many uses - from lead generation and nurturing to evaluating, targeting and improving the customer experience in general.

The faster and more precise customer targeting allows you to maximise your ROI (time and money saved) in your marketing strategy and track responses as you progress through the whole sale cycle, to increase conversions by targeting the customers with the highest buying potential.

According to eMarketer research, companies using automation for tasks such as launching email marketing campaigns have seen conversion rates rise to nearly 50%. The most important strategic goal of marketing automation is 61% to increase lead generation, 67% to develop leads, 47% of revenue, 36% to improve customer experience, 28% to improve the ability to measure campaign results 28.% of marketing productivity and a 22% improvement in targeting campaigns.

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