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How Do You Know It’s Time for a Workcation

Updated: Apr 25

At the start of 2020, 5.6 million people worked from home in the United Kingdom. Since then, it seems that many industries are deciding to convert to remote work permanently. There are many pros and cons that come along with remote work but one of the most beneficial aspects is flexibility. Instead of being confined to your at-home workspace for hours, you can grab your belongings and complete your work wherever and whenever — whether that's on a cruise, road trip, or even at a vacation home. But, how do you know it's time for a workcation? Learn how to balance work and play by taking a workcation. Here are a few tips that will help you along the way.

Long Haired Female Sat Crossed Legged On Beach With Open Laptop Working

What Is a Workcation?

A workcation is one of the few times when it’s beneficial to mix business with pleasure. Instead of taking off any personal time, being on a workcation allows you to take a vacation without losing PTO. For example, imagine you have this sudden urge to just get away and explore. But you either have no vacation days left or you’re saving them up for a special situation. If you have the option to work remotely, you can take a vacation and work regular hours. Then, you can enjoy your destination on the weekend or evenings. How To Decide if You Should Take a Workcation?

While this seems like the best of both worlds, it can be a challenge to decide if this could be right for you. There are many things to take into consideration such as your workload and your ability to stay focused during designated work hours. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when you are thinking about taking a workcation: ● Does your workload allow flexibility? ● If a project needs to be completed while you're away, will someone be able to take care of it? ● Will your destination provide reliable internet access? ● Are you going to be able to perform your typical work duties at this location? If you were able to answer yes to those questions, then a wokcation will work just fine for you. Now it's time to plan it! How To Plan A Workcation: 1. Schedule It in Advance

Once you've made sure that a workcation is doable, you’ll want to run it by your boss. Have answers ready for any questions or concerns that may come up. Be direct and tell them why you think taking this workcation would be beneficial. Let them know you've thought about the technical requirements.

Even though you will still be doing your work while traveling, you want to reassure those that are working with you that you will be away but will still meet deadlines and be reachable during your usual working hours.

It’s especially important to communicate with your team any possible issues that pop up while you’re on a workcation. If your plane gets delayed, be sure to send your team a quick message so they know your circumstances have changed. 2. Set a Routine

To be productive and successful during this workcation, you should establish a similar routine to your work routine at home. Changing up your morning rituals can throw you off. If that means having your usual coffee or morning run before logging on, stick with it.

If you usually get up and change out of your pyjamas, fight the temptation to keep them on just because you're on vacation. Changing your clothes will allow you to be put in the mindset that you have work to do.

3. Schedule Your Free Time

Now that you've got your workload under control and you know how you’ll get it all done, don't forget about the vacation part.

Be sure to make time for activities you want to do to make the trip well worth it. While most activities will be done after your work hours or in the evening, try squeezing in a pre-work activity, like a walk on the beach.

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Top Workcation Destinations

Certain regions are more known for being ideal workcation spots. Let’s talk about a couple of popular places to take a workcation.

Madeira, Portugal

According to the Euro News, Portugal scored as the best country of 2022 in Europe for remote workers. With high rates of English-speakers, a high safety score, and beautiful beaches, Portugal is a great place for work and play. Through a collaboration with the local government, Madeira is a community built specifically for digital nomads. You’ll find everything you need to work and then enjoy the fantastic sights this island has to offer.

Sonoma, California

Sonoma has easy access to beaches, mountains, and world-class wineries, making it an ideal destination if you’d like to travel to the United States for a workcation. There’s so much to see, all without sacrificing reliable WiFi. There are also many travel packages available to visit Sonoma, so you can save money and book a trip without worrying about getting it all planned.

To learn more about the steps to taking a workcation, check out the infographic below.

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