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How Do You Perform An SEO Audit

Updated: Apr 24

Performing an SEO audit is a great way to evaluate your websites ranking, as well as determine what you need to do in order to put your site on a page-one journey. Do the SEO audit correctly, and you will notice a huge difference in your sites overall performance. All you have to do is perform an SEO audit and analyse the results correctly, so that your website is performing as you want to for you to achieve success. You and your marketing team should be able to make the connection between what your audit found and the SEO performance of your site.

How Do You Perform An SEO Audit

An SEO audit can test how well you are doing on organic searches, thereby potentially lessening the need for paid ads. An on-page SEO audit will help make sure that elements that are needed for optimising your site are in place and performing the way they are supposed to. Inevitably, an SEO site audit will come up with recommendations for making your digital marketing efforts even better. Today, you can discover the best ways to conduct an SEO audit that really makes a difference to your websites quality, traffic, and overall performance.

If you have never done a site audit before, or if it is been awhile since you did one, or you are planning on redesigning your site soon, use this post as a jumping-off point website audit checklist for making sure that your site is optimised for optimal SEO and conversion results. Now, before we begin, you may want to consider using this baseline website audit checklist to make sure you are checking all of the essential elements for site performance, SEO, mobile, and security issues. By performing a website audit, you can spot any missed SEO opportunities, and correct any SEO traps that were incorrectly implemented or not properly executed.

While certain technical elements are necessary for all websites, situational analysis should be performed early on in an SEO audit in order to narrow down areas to focus on for a given website. Local SEO audits can share components from the technical SEO audit, but with more emphasis on how well the website is performing on local search results. Technical SEO audits usually predate content audits and backlink audits, as they are focused on fixing issues that are stopping search engines from properly crawling or indexing the site.

A technical SEO audit looks at any potential issues that could impact search engines from crawling and indexing your website or pages. A website audit is an exhaustive analysis of each individual factor determining the visibility of your site on the search engines. When you use site audit software to conduct your website audit, you get concrete recommendations and control the performance of your pages.

As a result, auditing will give you the opportunity to check your websites structure and technology infrastructures robustness, evaluate how friendly your website is to search engines, and identify how easily users are able to browse your site and intuitively locate content. A typical audit will take a look at a snapshot of your SEO rankings today, and analyse how well your site is performing on a number of ranking factors. An audit is a comprehensive review of all components making up a local search strategy and ranking in the local pack.

It is the only way to make sure that you have a solid understanding of how well your website is performing, where problems are emerging, and where opportunities exist. When doing a scan or a complete audit, you are taking stock of your site, finding out what is not working, and also giving you the critical indicators for optimising your site to rank better in search engine optimisation and brand recognition.

With the right tools, auditing can optimise your site to get better rankings too. The good news is the internet is saturated with various website audit tools, most of which can help you identify the problem areas affecting the performance of your website.

Whether you are a small business trying to optimise your website for organic search, or an agency doing the same for a client, it can be hard to figure out where to start, how deep to dive into the analysis, and what SEO tools will help you extract the most actionable insights. While there are a variety of tools that you can use to SEO audit a website, your best bet is either to do your own audit following a tutorial (like the one you are reading right now) or to hire an SEO auditor to do the job for you.

An SEO Audit will determine pre-existing issues and opportunities on a website in order to propose solutions to optimise a site; SEO Audits can only cover one or two aspects of website assessment. Website audits typically assess the website not just on the basis of content, but on its technical functioning. A site audit is a review of the pages performance before implementing a full-scale Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or site redesign.

How Do You Perform An SEO Audit

Think of SEO audits like regular site maintenance: they are an excellent way to see whether the site is performing at its best, or needs a little extra nudge to do a better job on the SERPs. Right away, you can see that website audits are about much more than improving the sites rankings: they provide a solid overview of what is working, and also give you an idea where a couple of fixes are needed. A site audit is essentially when you hire a professional to look over your site using tools, thereby giving you a better picture of where you have problems to address.

One of the best tools you should look into is SE ranking site auditor - this helps identify site errors in one look, so giving the pro all the info they need to work on your website, keeping it in top form. Any SEO software worth its salt - Ahrefs, Moz Pro, SEMrush - will have either a website audit tool or site crawler tool which allows you to scan through your site and identify not only overall search health, but also the general inefficiencies which are hurting your sites organic performance.

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