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Why Is Short Form Video Content The Future

Updated: Apr 24

Recent data shows video content is one of the most powerful forms of marketing. Of all social media marketing tactics, short form video content in its short form yields the best results. Short-form videos are fast-acting, powerful content that helps your audience take notice of your brand or service, and engage with it, without taking too much time away from their lives. These videos can be used outside of social media, using websites and email marketing, you can leverage videos to further share your story with your audience.

Why Is Short Form Video Content The Future

Short video content is translated to feel authentic and relatable, and consumers are more likely to perceive brands as genuine when marketers can convey these feelings with concise brand content. Viewers on platforms where short form videos are prevalent want to feel that they are truly connecting with branded content, so they are not going to react well to content that feels false or overproduced. In fact, creators will have to pay close attention to audience retention in order to maintain audiences’ engagement with longer-form videos.

If you are seeing longer videos getting more views, shares, or other metrics that indicate engagement, then you might want to make more of them. If shorter videos are what gets your audience engaged, then those are the way to go. Make sure when thinking about how long to keep videos, that you research first on the platforms where you would like to share it.

Consumers expect to see content strategically tailored for each platform, so make it a point to customise your short-form videos to the platforms where you are planning on sharing them. For example, TikTok, Instagram reels, YouTube shorts are ideal choices. Then, short videos on platforms such as TikTok, Reels, and shorts are the best options.

To compete with short-form powerhouses such as TikTok and Instagram, YouTube has launched YouTube Shorts, which limits videos to 60 seconds or shorter. YouTube Shorts allows users to capture and edit short (15-second maximum) videos straight from the existing mobile app. TikTok allows users to make videos of up to 60 seconds but has the option of using native sounds or sound bytes, a wider range of filters, and greater editing capabilities.

The inclusion of music offers an element of excitement, creating new trends, memes, and challenges, and as new songs are released on TikTok on a constant basis, there is always something new to do, new dance, new duo, and so on. The opportunity for creation will enable this element of the app to flourish. Platforms such as TikTok -- it recently reached one billion monthly active users -- are nurturing this creative potential, all while driving transformations in consumption habits, with short-form, snackable videos becoming consumers predominant choices. Forward-thinking B2B brands are creating snackable videos that grab viewers’ attention and funnel traffic toward higher-value content assets: content more likely to generate real business results.

Brands are moving farther from outright ads, which have difficult-to-quantify metrics, to original video content -- content created not to sell, but to engage. Apps, particularly those in travel, are using HD videos to attract audiences.

The platforms showing users short, bite-sized pieces of video content provides not just personal entertainment: The platforms are also providing marketers with powerful tools for driving brand engagement and marketing ROI. Education videos are a great piece of added content, as they provide audiences with help with everyday tasks. Social media platforms thrive on user-generated, easy-to-digest videos, so do not hesitate to create your content independently if you are unsure about diving headlong into something bigger.

As budgets for short-form videos increase over the next few years, social platforms should actively partner with brands and media creators to figure out how to safely grow with videos. In short, we need brands, social platforms, media outlets, and third-party security solutions working together collaboratively and transparently to create an environment that unlocks the full potential of social video for each stakeholder. Protecting and nurturing that exchange of value into the age of short-form video will be crucial for making the most of the opportunities short-form video presents throughout the ecosystem and building mutually beneficial relationships between content creators and social media platforms.

With trends changing so quickly, and with so many options available, it can be challenging to plan strategies in the coming months when it comes to creating video content. The vast variety of video marketing channels means your strategies must be flexible. What was once a "one-size-fits-all" strategy for videos--create one ad and place it programmatically throughout the network--does not work in a shorter-form world, where either traditional advertising placement may never be possible.

Video Short Form Video Content Why Is It The Future

If you are using video in ads, you are also limited by what platforms are offering. An entertaining, snarky video increases brand awareness, but the short-form content also needs to motivate action. Without using up too many resources, brands can post videos that spark emotions.

Branded content may not fall into the brands traditional comfort zone, but branded videos can serve as a powerful trigger for engagement, which is amplified once someone shares the content.

Now, it is far easier to afford even making videos, and young talent has a greater chance to break into the market. While shooting and editing a professional-grade video still takes a fair amount of skill and experience, and maybe that alone will help prevent the market from becoming overcrowded, it is easier now than ever to educate yourself on how to make the next viral hit. We are projecting that the next 5-10 years will be massive for online video marketing.

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