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How Will The Metaverse Affect How Brands Do Social Media

Updated: Apr 25

Just as any new medium, the metaverse will bring with it new challenges and opportunities for brands to promote themselves. Another way that the metaverse will transform businesses is that it creates new opportunities in the areas of marketing and advertising. As the metaverse grows in popularity, brands who take advantage of these new platforms will enjoy a clear competitive advantage. But how will the metaverse affect how brands do social media?

How Will The Metaverse Affect How Brands Do Social Media

People are already moving into these three-dimensional worlds, and brands will soon need to shift into the metaverse in order to reach their ideal customers. Just as social media platforms are used globally by billions and social media marketing is now an absolute necessity for brands of any size, the 3D worlds are going to dominate very soon.

A new world is coming, and it is a fascinating opportunity for brands and marketers to jump on board and begin leveraging the metaverse to grow their businesses. Brands such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and several others are poised to take the plunge in the metaverse, and there is no reason for marketers and businesses to remain outside.

Just like the Internet, industry experts are anticipating that the metaverse will be an absolute must-have for all brands. As the metaverse continues to grow, we are likely to see more brands exploring its potential as a way of creating new and enhanced customer experiences.

The metaverse will add even more complexity for brands in reaching their audiences, and they will have to make customer experiences front-and-centre in all their brand’s engagements. Sales and digital marketing teams will need to plan brand activations and how they can attract customers to become a part of their metaverse communities. Marketers that leverage a new metaverse will in the future have a revolutionary, though centralised, way of reaching customers.

As a result, the metaverse has opened up multiple ways for businesses to be seen and begin to reach new customers. Creating is a way brands are using the metaverse to bring engagement to the next level, across industries.

Will The Metaverse Affect How Brands Do Social Media

Brands can use the metaverse to build interactive experiences that let customers try out their products. Companies can give customers a chance to discover more about the product in a new and exciting way, as well as allowing them to purchase, all in one experience within the metaverse. The metaverse provides businesses with the ability to build an immersive, personalised experience that can help to increase customer loyalty and brand recognition.

The metaverse is novel, boasts faster connections, provides greater opportunities, and allows businesses to reach their target audiences in a new way. The metaverse is creating new exciting opportunities for investors, as well as a whole new dimension for brands to engage and connect with their audiences. In addition to creating and selling digital goods, other brands and companies are entering the metaverse with immersive digital advertisements, opting to build whole worlds dedicated to their brands to increase brand visibility and engagement. From digital billboards placed on high-traffic areas in virtual cities, to branding installations in virtual streets, companies are beginning to explore new and immersive ways of marketing to their audiences within the metaverse.

For instance, a number of brands are taking full advantage of gaming’s part of the metaverse through branded experiences, which are essentially virtual, immersive endorsements. NASCARs activations are an example of brands--from Chipotle to HBO--advertising to the spaces known as the metaverse in order to reach new audiences and appeal to consumers used to digital realms. While product placement was once a known tactic in print, broadcast, and social media marketing, brands are now branching out and increasing brand visibility into the metaverse, with the metaverse designed to cater to the predominantly Gen Z/Millennial demographic. As established labels begin taking advantage of the metaverse, another phenomenon among the Millennials who could greatly benefit from tapping into this 3D renaissance is the influencer marketing world.

If you are one of these curious, innovative marketing professionals, you are going to want to read this to find out how the metaverse is impacting digital marketing, and how you can use the metaverse to boost your brand. A solid understanding of just how, and in what forms, the metaverse can be used as a platform for optimizing influencer marketing strategies for organisations and brands is also a differentiator. As more brands continue to see the power of social media marketing, and the impact that social media can have on peoples spending habits, they are able to apply that knowledge towards creative, novel marketing strategies for the metaverse. Brands who are able to effectively craft new realities for them to share with their target audiences will be leading the way in the next era of marketing.

As we continue to adjust to new ways to market to customers via augmented, virtual, and mixed reality, the game of marketing is going to change drastically. As we see metaverse effects in the marketing landscape, we can expect that passive forms of content marketing like photos, infographics, and videos will increasingly be rendered unnecessary, as a new, largely Generation Z-dominated audience continues to demand immersive alternatives. The metaverses audience is still growing, and there is going to be a learning curve while brands and technologies catch up to the metaverse. As a result, the arrival of the metaverse is likely going to follow a similar pattern, with the biggest brands creating a large part of the rulebook governing how other brands must approach digital marketing in this largely uncharted territory.

While no one knows exactly which metaverse will be king and which one will fall, increased attention and competition are creating a FOMO of brands, creating a positive flywheel effect and driving more companies to start experimenting in the metaverse. As leading brands like Nike, Facebook, and Gucci continues to place their leading brands into current metaverses, using gaming platforms like Fortnite and Roblox to generate engaging forms of advertising and contemporary forms of viral brand awareness, the sky is the limit for the clever marketers on the block. Creating is similar concept to user-generated content in social media marketing, which has proven a good way of driving brand awareness within a digital environment. You can even make NFT apparel featuring your business logo or collaborate with others prominent in the metaverse to speak on your behalf too.

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