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What Does a Digital Product Manager Do?

Updated: Jun 21

In the fast-paced digital world, the role of a Digital Product Manager is pivotal for the successful navigation and management of digital products from conception to launch.

This position bridges the gap between complex technology and user-focused solutions, ensuring products not only meet market needs but also offer competitive advantages.

In this blog post, I will explain in more detail what a Digital Product Manager does, the importance of upskilling in this role, and why obtaining a BCS Accredited Practitioner Certificate Digital Product Manager is a valuable step for career advancement.

A professional studying for the BCS Accredited Practitioner Certificate in Digital Product Management

The Core Responsibilities of a Digital Product Manager


A Digital Product Manager holds a multifaceted role that involves a wide range of responsibilities. From overseeing the development to managing the lifecycle of a product, these professionals ensure that all product aspects align with the strategic goals of the company.

Key responsibilities include:

- Market Research and Strategy Development: Understanding market needs and defining clear

objectives for product development.

- Product Roadmapping and Lifecycle Management: Planning the various stages of product development and managing iterations.

- Stakeholder Management and Leadership: Communicating with all stakeholders including development teams, marketing, and executive leadership.

- Performance Monitoring and Optimisation: Using analytics to improve product offerings continuously.


Strategic Decision-Making and Innovation


At the heart of a Digital Product Manager's role is the ability to make strategic decisions that drive innovation. This involves:

- Identifying Opportunities: Leveraging data to pinpoint opportunities for new products or improvements.

- Prioritising Features: Deciding which product features are essential for meeting business and user needs.

- Balancing Business and Technical Requirements: Ensuring that product decisions align with business goals and technical capabilities.


Customer-Centric Product Development


Understanding and prioritising user experience is crucial for a Digital Product Manager. This includes:

- User Research and Persona Development: Gaining insights into user behaviour and preferences.

- UX/UI Design Oversight: Collaborating with design teams to ensure the product is user-friendly and appealing.

- Feedback Loop Integration: Incorporating customer feedback into product development to enhance user satisfaction.

A male professional studying for the BCS Accredited Practitioner Certificate in Digital Product Management.

Why Upskill and Obtain the Practitioner Certificate Digital Product Manager?


In a role that demands continuous adaptation and learning, upskilling becomes a critical component of a Digital Product Manager’s career development. The BCS Accredited Practitioner Certificate in Digital Product Management offers several benefits:


- Validation of Skills and Knowledge: This certification is recognised globally and validates a professional's ability to manage digital products effectively.

- Career Advancement: Certified professionals often see improved job prospects and the potential for higher salaries.

- Enhanced Strategic Insight: The curriculum covers extensive topics that enhance strategic thinking and decision-making skills.


Impact of Certification on Professional Growth


Obtaining a BCS Accredited Practitioner Certificate can significantly impact a professional's growth and opportunities within the industry. It demonstrates a commitment to maintaining the highest standard of knowledge and skills in digital product management.


Building a Successful Career as a Digital Product Manager


The role of a Digital Product Manager is crucial in the tech industry, driving the success of digital products and services. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the demand for skilled professionals in this area will only grow. Upskilling and obtaining a BCS Accredited Practitioner Certificate not only enhances one’s skills but also enriches their professional profile, opening doors to new opportunities and advancements in this dynamic field.




What is a Digital Product Manager?

A Digital Product Manager oversees the entire lifecycle of a digital product, from inception to market release, focusing on creating value for customers while achieving company objectives.

Why is a BCS Accredited Practitioner Certificate important for Digital Product Managers?

How can a Digital Product Manager influence the success of a product?

What skills are essential for a Digital Product Manager?

How does the BCS Accredited Practitioner Certificate enhance a Digital Product Manager’s career?

Learn more about the online BCS Accredited Practitioner Certificate Digital Product Manager.


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