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Case Study - Vibrant Thinking

Updated: Apr 25

Who Are They:

Vibrant Thinking walk you through making shifts in the culture of your team to ensure that technology works with you, and not against you. When you’re constantly back and forth on Zoom calls between your hybrid workers, you want to be certain that you’re equipped to make the most of your time.

They help you with hybrid working, show you how to drastically reduce zoom meetings & create workshops for team meetings.

What Help Did They Need From Me?

Lorna was doing adhoc bits of social media but wasn't really sure where her audience was or which channels were best to use. She also wanted some guidance on her website & just how to pull everything together into a strategy she could follow herself.

She also wanted to make sure her messaging was correct and was keen to start to do videos for social but wasn't sure where to start or what type of content to post.

What Did I Do?

I worked with Lorna to help her understand more about the different channels and the type of content people wanted to see on each one. We went back to basics looking at her audience and developed key personas and messages for each of them. We also spent time looking at her website and discussed landing pages and calls to action and then developed an overall digital strategy.

Make sure you check out Lorna's website to see how she could help your business navigate the hybrid working landscape:

Are you the next Lorna - do you need help with any of the online support she accessed?

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