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Case Study - Organic Pilates

Updated: Apr 25

Who Are They:

Organic Pilates - if you want to exercise and be free from pain, eat nutritious/fresh foods, perform exercises correctly and learn about the importance of good form, then Jill offers more than diet and fitness advice - she offers results!

Jill the Holistic Goddess also specialised in support, exercises, diet and advice around the menopause and perimenopause and how you can use breathwork to combat this.

What Help Did They Need From Me?

Jill was already killing it on social media using Instagram, Reels, Facebook & TikTok but needed support in joining it all together into a digital strategy with key messages she could run through her emails, PAID ADS, socials, website, landing pages & books.

I worked with Jill on a 1:1 basis with a monthly catch up over a 6-9 month period to develop a digital strategy.

What Did I Do?

I helped Jill pull together a comprehensive digital strategy covering all channels, with key messages & also helped her understand about adding calls to action to her videos if she wanted to promote a class or was sharing something where she could add a promotion at the end. we also went through how important reviews were from clients & building a network that she didn't really need to actively sell to.

We also looked at how to create landing pages on her site using her marketing automation software to drive specific campaigns when she was selling packages and also how to automate some of the processes behind the scenes.

Make sure you check out Jill's website to see how she could help your business especially if you're looking for support to develop a menopause policy to support your female employees and develop awareness amongst everyone:

Are you the next Jill - do you need help with any of the online support she accessed?

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Not sure or want to have a chat about this in more detail then please Contact Me directly.

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