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AI Tools For Marketing

Updated: Apr 24

AI tools are helping email marketers to improve their delivery, open rates, click rates, and revenues. In addition to better understanding leads, AI tools for marketing can help marketers convert leads into sales.

AI-powered marketing tools can also crunch massive amounts of irrelevant data, helping companies understand their customers better. AI-powered marketing platforms can quickly process vast amounts of data collected from a variety of digital sources, like social media and emails, and provide actionable insights that can be implemented by marketing teams. AI marketing tools are software or platforms that help build automated decisions from data gathered and analysed, and AI marketing tools make predicting customer behaviour much easier.

AI Tools For Marketing

Here are some AI marketing tools that you can start using today to analyse massive amounts of data and create automated decisions fast. AI marketing tools, known as Artificial Intelligence Marketing Tools, are software programs that leverage artificial intelligence technologies to gather data, analyse data, and interpret data in order to impact marketers efforts. These marketing tools use artificial intelligence to assist in creating and making automated decisions.

By using AI marketing tools in marketing strategies, most companies achieve business goals more quickly. These are two of the most notable tools to build an insight-driven marketing AI strategy for a company. These platforms deploy AI tools to analyse data, conduct behavioural research of target audiences, interpret market trends, etc.

AI tools help you to make the most out of social media, SEO, content creation, email marketing, and analytics, so that you can spend more time strategic planning and meeting your business goals. These 8 free AI tools will help you automate the majority of aspects of your small business marketing strategy, so you can focus on what is actually important.

Whether you are a part-time blogger, SEO specialist, or a small business owner, AI tools can dramatically increase your output while running a smarter business strategy and automating decision-making. AI tools can improve your productivity by automating the majority of the time-consuming tasks that are related to marketing. AI can help content marketers to plan and strategise in more effective ways.

Marketers can reduce their campaigns costs using AI to optimise content according to customers engagement. In addition to micro-segmentation, marketers can serve up relevant content at the right moment, engaging customers in the moment. Your company can explore better ways of engaging customers through tailored messaging of the right time for the marketing objectives.

With Customise, you can send the right message tailored to your customers, at the perfect time, all while getting insights to help optimise your marketing efforts. Personalize gives you the insights needed to build highly targeted sales and marketing campaigns that drive higher response rates, conversions, and customer lifecycle values. Marketers can leverage this insight to produce personalised content and offers.

Marketers can now leverage ML-based tools to work through customer data, and eventually develop and roll out highly tailored offers that customers will find compelling. Marketers can now leverage the advancements in IBM Watson (Watson Marketing) to provide the kinds of experiences consumers like and have come to expect. Marketing teams are using AI-powered tools to create strategies, optimise campaigns, engage with customers at scale, and deploy truly personalised experiences.

Marketers across the globe are working to optimise their marketing operations and performance, taking advantage of the vast amount of data available to them, and many are turning to tools and platforms powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. New tools are popping up daily to help marketers save time and run more intelligent, tailored campaigns. Many new, innovative tools are hitting the market daily that save digital marketers time and execute better-targeted marketing strategies through customised campaigns. Google, Facebook, and almost all platforms that we use to communicate with consumers are all knee-deep in these technologies, and the list of tools for market-driven AI is growing fast.

If you are looking to use artificial intelligence in your business, or you are looking to discover a new marketing AI tool to add to your technology stack, there are tools, some free, some paid, that could immediately help you boost your marketing efforts. In this article, you have learned about some online marketing AI tools you can use to optimise your business. In this post I am going to cover some of the best marketing tools with artificial intelligence capabilities for various use cases - including content generation and language, SEO, retention, and competitor analysis - ranging from end-user level up to enterprise-level. I pulled the best AI-powered tools to help social media marketers, content marketing professionals, and digital marketing experts harness the power of AI marketing.

When it comes to increasing your brands visibility, AI can be used to perform many different tasks, including influencer marketing, content creation, social media management, lead generation, SEO, image editing, and much more.

IMAI is an AI-powered influencer marketing platform that allows us to discover the right influencers for a brand, monitor their performance, and measure the ROI. Lumen5 Video AI Creator is a marketing tool that uses AI-powered technologies to generate videos, which you can use in creating your content strategy. Deepword also allows you to create videos in different languages, upload and use for your marketing efforts.

Social media managers are also using Descript for marketing campaigns, content marketing campaigns, social media marketing, and other marketing channels. Synthesia works across different media outlets for content creation, a form of AI marketing. This marketing tool can assist you with your creative content creation, whether you are a social media manager, a copywriter, small business owner, or student.

AI Tools

Pattern89s marketing software uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate the language that will resonate the most with any given audience, segment, or person. The Evolv AI Marketing Tool uses advanced machine learning to provide marketers the best customer journeys for particular audiences to focus on. Essentially, ML-based tools leverage algorithms and statistical models to determine patterns; then, perform tasks according to their own auto-generated predictions (thus, eliminating the need for manual programming of these tasks).

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