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How Can You Use AI To Write Content For Your Business Or Brand

Updated: Apr 24

In addition to literally writing the content for you, AI content tools can help identify what you need to write and how you need to write about it. Even better, many AI content tools come with built-in SEO optimisation, so you can tell the AI to incorporate the powerful keywords and phrases right into the text using data that the AI has discovered. But how can you use AI to write content for your business? You can use an AI content creator to optimise your posts, keeping a human element, but also using smart SEO strategies to help your articles talk to search engines as well as your human audience.

How Can You Use AI To Write Content For Your Business Or Brand

If you are looking to build a successful content marketing strategy with less effort, utilise a content recommendation engine powered by AI, such as Personalise. AI-powered content creation tools are becoming increasingly prevalent in digital marketing, making it easier for businesses that have limited resources or time to automate parts of their creation.

While there is no way that AI-powered content generation tools are going to replace creative thinking or strategic thinking any time soon, AI-powered content generation has the potential to enhance your workflow. As far as I am concerned, AI cannot, and will not, replace human writers any time soon, but content writers can use it to augment their workflow. While AI writing software can help with researching, outlining, and crafting content, it is not yet robust enough to replace human writers entirely.

Most AI content generators can help write an entire blog post, but a content writer will need to keep a handle on narrative, providing cues and directions for each sentence.

Some AI content generator tools will even allow you to generate the text with your keywords, so that it is SEO-friendly out-of-the-box. Jasper AI is not going to generate long-form content in seconds, such as creating whole blog posts with one click, but it could help speed up the process of creating content.

Jasper can assist with everything from generating ideas to writing to editing your content. GPT3 uses deep learning to create a vast array of content - that means it can write essays, poems, summarise and rephrase texts, and even write coding. When using GPT-3 to design an entire long-form piece, the content just does not sound good or flow smoothly.

AI tools can produce good content about a topic of knowledge in a much shorter time compared with writing by humans. AI writing tools can help pull out writing ideas out of thin air and transform it into a great piece of content marketing in a very short period of time.

AI writing tools are an excellent way of creating different types of content for marketing purposes, and they can help you to write faster, better, and consistently. AI writing tools these days have many capabilities, and when compared with human writers, can produce quality content nearly instantaneously, saving you tons of time and money. They use algorithms to simulate human speech, but cannot generate original content the way that a novelist or an artist could.

How Can You Use AI To Write Content For Your Business

AI writing assistants are capable of understanding language structures and producing original, creative content at the drop of a hat. AI writing assistants can help generate ideas for content and figure out what words should be used to convey a message. AI writing assistants can help you generate quick idea of topics for the content calendar, then, using a topic as a headline of the blog post, continue by creating an introduction paragraph, an outline, or even the conclusion of the post.

AI tools can conduct keyword research, recommend topic ideas that are hot, and offer ideas for blog posts from the best-performing content of competitors. AI can also help you form compelling headlines, write promotional copy, and generate engaging images to accompany your blog posts and social media updates.

AI writing tools can also create blog topics for content marketers that have to populate their sites with SEO-packed content that boosts their rankings in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). When AI takes over the mundane tasks of writing, writers (and marketers without a writing background) can put their skills to work in the most valuable aspects of content creation, such as content mixing and conversion strategies. AI-powered content creation tools cannot replace excellent writers - but they do help writers and marketers save time and leverage their skills for more strategic aspects of content creation.

While AI tools may be increasingly common, they are merely an aide to scaling content creation efforts and making sure marketers and brands are publishing content at the highest quality it can possibly be which, let’s face it, is good news for everybody. Despite excitement about these tools within the technology industry, most people, particularly marketers, tend to skew toward scepticism when it comes to embracing AI for content creation.

Most content-generation tools in the market generate boilerplate content, and many marketers that have tried these tools came away unimpressed. AI content marketing tools have made strides to help companies conceptualise and produce audience-relevant, tailored content. Instead, using AI speeds up the writing process and allows marketers to crank out more content to fill a sales pipeline.

While AI can produce content from facts and statistics that it gathers online, it cannot generate empathy, creativity, and emotion. AI tools can provide more precise results that can help writers to produce content that will successfully attract the preferred audiences. Perform allows most AI technologies to create corporate reports, predict consumer behaviours, schedule content, and provide personalised product recommendations.

While some experts view the creation of content using AI as a threat to content writers, it serves as a very effective assistant that increases their productivity. A large amount of marketer’s time is spent performing mundane, predictable writing tasks such as rephrasing and summarizing content to promote it across multiple channels, creating utility-based SEO content, or iterating over dozens of variations on a similar piece of advertising copy - these are the types of tasks that are perfect use cases for content tools built with AI.

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