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What Does A Marketing Business Analyst Do?

Updated: May 14

Marketing business analysts develop marketing plans for companies by collecting data and analysing market trends. Successful businesses rely on marketing analysts, sometimes called market research analysts, who use business intelligence to track trends, spot opportunities, and determine what products people want, who will buy them, and at what price. Marketing analysts conduct research to understand the needs and wants of customers, while measuring the effectiveness of the marketing and business strategies used by companies. They may work for a marketing agency or the marketing department of a large company to conduct market research and identify meaningful patterns in data.

Group Of Marketing Analyst Sat Around A Table In Front Of A Presentation Discussing Figures And Plans

Various techniques help marketing data analysts understand a company's target customers so they can determine the best marketing approach to reach them. A marketing analyst, on the other hand, examines quantitative data collected specifically from a company's marketing activities, such as customer behaviour and social media signals, in order to optimise marketing strategies in the best possible way. For example, by creating and answering key research questions, an analyst can help marketing, sales, and customer service teams understand which strategies are worth investing in and which aren't working. They not only help companies use market data as a strategic tool to develop new products, but also interpret consumer behaviour, refine business ideas, and even assess the possibility of entering a new competitive industry.

Marketing analysts are also responsible for understanding customer needs and using data to suggest new products or improve existing ones to best reach an organisation's target audience. Digital marketing analysts also study digital marketing trends (e.g. contextual advertising, email marketing best practices) and how they relate to company goals. Digital marketing analysts are responsible for analysing statistics and understanding how businesses can improve their online marketing efforts. Some common activities include collecting and analysing consumer data, researching consumer opinions, and preparing reports on marketing analysis results.

These analysts track various types of data to influence their reports, including ad spend, sales, time spent on corporate web pages, abandoned shopping carts on e-commerce sites, social media posts, and more. After documenting the marketing analyst's research, verifying the company, and analysing its data, the analyst compiles their information into highly effective reports.

While professionals in these roles may share responsibilities with other marketing analysts, their day-to-day tasks may differ in terms of focus and strategy. Business data analysts usually focus on a particular type of product or service, so they can provide detailed information about their areas of expertise. Business analysts have much more diverse roles than their marketing counterparts. Because of their involvement in high-level decision making, companies often choose to hire business analysts with a solid education and at least some experience in the data industry.

For business analysts in particular, this opportunity to practice their work and hone their skills will go a long way in helping you find a role in this growing industry. A master's degree in business analytics or a master's degree in data analytics can help students build a solid foundation for a career as a market research analyst.

As a marketing or market research analyst, you need strong analytical skills to be successful, and you need to demonstrate these skills for an associate position. Most analysts have a background in business administration, marketing, data science, or both. You may have technical skills such as database and statistical software skills, as well as broader business skills such as presentation and marketing skills. Besides market research analyst, other marketing analyst positions may include business intelligence analyst, survey researcher, marketing manager, and management analyst. Business analysts can work on projects with accounting, finance, IT, and marketing teams.

Generally speaking, business analysts are bridging the understanding gap between organisational management and the complex data and technology systems used by companies with a view to improving processes and helping to influence decision making. Data analysts need to have a good understanding of business practices throughout their careers and should also work to understand your competitors' market shares, provide your sales team with competitive intelligence, and understand the behaviour of competitors that may threaten your business. Either way, your analysts should monitor competitor websites and other sources to track pricing information, marketing strategies, and product-specific data.

Marketing analysts should not only have the skills to create easy-to-understand reports, but they should also have the skills to deliver them so they can understand that experience with data visualisation and storytelling techniques is a huge plus, and if they had the opportunity to speak publicly they would. The two roles differ in interpreting what numbers mean: marketers need to understand numbers in the context of improving marketing strategies, while business analysts need to think about optimising entire business processes from a stakeholder perspective. As the volume and complexity of big data from digital, social, mobile, web and direct marketing campaigns continues to increase, developing customer engagement and campaign models based on the unique insights gained from this big data will require a marketing analyst to understand this. The guidance that emerges from the ideas will impact the overall goals of the consumer experience. This knowledge enables analysts to recommend the most effective marketing methods.

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