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How Can You Create Graphics Using AI?

Updated: Apr 15

Graphic designers may use Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro, or Adobe Illustrator to produce designs. Professional graphic design agencies have expert designers that not only possess the basic knowledge to work on the elements of a graphic design but are very well equipped to work on advanced artificial intelligence tools in order to produce efficient designs for brands.

You can learn to use these tools during graphic design education. With the continuous development in artificial intelligence technologies, graphic designers will be empowered with the ability to build the structure of designs which are hard for an individual person to build. In this article, we have provided a list of 10 free artificial intelligence graphics design tools that will help you to make great designs. AI-powered tools can help you to get sophisticated designs done in an extremely efficient way.

How Can You Create Graphics Using AI

Designers working with AI can produce designs more quickly and inexpensively because of the increased speed and efficiency that it offers. The power of AI will be the speed at which it can analyse massive amounts of data and suggesting adjustments in design. AI is best used as a design tool, helping optimise and accelerate project delivery.

AI has recently entered new industries such as advertising and graphic design, and its role in both industries is discussed further. This ecosystem has led to a lot of new tools in the market which help artists, or any person for that matter, use AI technologies for generating artwork. Researchers and developers are building several tools and apps that anyone can use to generate art.

Just months ago, if you wanted to make a drawing of something, you had to know how to draw, or paint, or use one of those Photoshop tools others kept talking about.

AI-generated art could be used to make photos or videos look lifelike, which would trick people into believing something that is not true. Neural networks can be used to produce images or videos that imitate a specific artists style, or produce images or videos like a specific kind of art. The future of artificially generated art is still unclear, but AI technologies that we have now are able to produce images or videos or texts that could fool us, humans.

AI helps designers to produce images they could not create otherwise. AI algorithms can either generate images or videos according to a collection of parameters, or they can produce new images by combining and altering existing images. Interestingly, there are algorithms which require no input images, since they are trained on a collection of images which can create new images.

In the following examples, we can see two tools which create new images out of the given ones, changing the style of the original. As we can see in the following example, having two images (original and style), we can create a new image with content of the first and the style of the second. The deep dream generator uses a change to the texture of the first image, to produce another style in the second image.

Both models also employ new techniques to help create images more closely matching a text description. These designs can then be reviewed and selected by designers to improve the generated images.

A person can generate web pages by just uploading a picture of a design. The former helps to re-imagine images into whatever style a user selects, and the latter produces artwork from text-based stimuli.

Artbreeder is a collaborative project, meaning that images generated by one user can be built on by another, creating various evolving paths. This is enhanced with images generated by the AI itself, creating incredibly creative and collaborative environments.

The Image creator uses the same AI technology found in Designers to assist in creating new images and is accessible either on-line or by clicking on the Image creator icon on the Edge Sidebar.

Another AI use-case in graphic designing is the availability of a wide range of free online logo design creator tools which collect user inputs and then analyse the collected data using AI-powered systems to generate appropriate templates and logo designs. Many of these tools are open source, so it is possible to either train your own models or use existing ones (some are free for limited periods) to make your own art using AI. The best part of all these tools is that they are all free to use, meaning that you can get started creating some amazing designs without having to spend a penny.

How Can You Create Graphics Using AI

Automated design tools can generate complete designs by themselves, with no involvement from the human designer at any stage in the process. Like UIzard and Fronty, there are several other very efficient, artificially intelligent graphics design tools which can assist front-end developers to produce fast, accurate designs.

UIzard is a visual design tool that can help you to build mock-ups of your website, application, or offline shop within minutes. With UIzard, you can make a design mock-up in minutes, which is a great way to showcase your clients or boss conceptual versions of the site or app.

This graphics app on Microsoft 365 uses the same AI tech found in DALL-E 2 to make unique invitations, digital postcards, and more. AI can also be used to create designs that are more personal.

Researchers have also developed artificially intelligent design systems that produce layouts for magazines according to keywords and categories. AI design is a process whereby AI is used to generate new designs for businesses or individuals. AI will be the partner in design, as well as the tool, designers use to respond to the changing demands of the workplace.

Help is provided through analysing a user, then creating logos, or even designing entire layouts for websites, once it checks for relevance for various objects that are about to be created through the AIs cognitive capabilities.

If you are looking to mess with text-based AI-powered image generation, there are plenty of alternatives available. Adobes Creative Cloud products can automatically pick colours that work best with your designs, recommend fonts compatible with your aesthetic, and even generate new designs from ones you have already created.

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